Eloisa is a Tokenomics Engineer focusing on token model architecture, token macro-/micro-economics structure, crypto market simulations and gamification strategies for Web3 businesses.

Eloisa Marchesoni Tokenomics Expert

She is currently a partner to VCs and accelerators, while also working as an advisor to self-funded crypto startups, which she has been doing since 2018.

This forum is run for everyone, and Eloisa will only be sharing interesting inputs; run by everyone, as you all will be able to comment and suggest new research topics; and run with everyone, meaning that she will be accepting co-authoring proposals.

This is your cypherpunk think-tank zone, where no one will save you from facts and sarcasm. Peers will not trust you here, so always provide sources for verification.

Eloisa's goal is to spread knowledge of crypto systems and to liberate technologies. She will run deep analysis of the current events and latest projects, debunk myths and provide up-to-date assets to navigate the changing Web3 ecosystem.

Progress stems from collective forum discussion, and Eloisa wants you to be part of this bottom-up process to guide global society into the future that awaits.

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